Collaborative Georeferencing Project (2012-2015)

Map of FishNet with ProvidersA collaborative georeferencing and data enhancement project titled "Georeferencing U.S. Fish Collections: a community-based model to georeferencing natural history collections" has been funded by the United States National Science Foundation. Twelve collaborating institutions are working to expand and improve data quality within the FishNet network with a primary focus on geospatial referencing records lacking geographic coordinates (approximately 45% of the network holdings at the time of funding).


ANSP, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia (PIs: John Lundberg & Mark Sabaj, Tech: Mariangeles Arce Hernandez)

CAS, California Academy of Sciences (PIs: Luiz Rocha & Dave Catania, Tech: Lorenzo Benito)

CUMV, Cornell University (PIs: Amy McCune & John Friel, Tech: Laura Porturas)

FMNH, Field Museum (PIs: Mark Westneat & Leo Smith, Tech: Justin Grubich)

LACM, Los Angeles County Museum (PIs: Christine Thacker & Rick Feeney, Tech: Paul DeSalles)

TU, Tulane University (PIs: Hank Bart & Nelson Rios, Project Manager: Michael Doosey, Tech: Megan Roberson)

FLMNH, University of Florida (PIs: Larry Page & Rob Robins, Tech: Michelle Vanderwel)

INHS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (PIs: Chris Taylor, Tech: Rachel Vinsel)

KU, University of Kansas (PIs: Ed Wiley & Andy Bentley, Tech: Katy Wichman)

UMMZ, University of Michigan Ann Arbor (PIs: Bill Fink & Douglas Nelson, Tech: Diego Barroso)

MSB, University of New Mexico (PIs: Tom Turner & Alexandra Snyder, Tech: Theresa Lorraine McInnes)

UT, University of Texas at Austin (PIs: Dean Hendrickson, Tech: Melissa Casarez)


The georeferencing phase has been completed and we are now in the process of data repatriation.

Project results now available.